Want To Be A Long Term Traveler – Work Options For A Digital Nomad

Work options for a digital nomad are plenty of remote job opportunities one may choose to explore basic on convenience, knack and skill set. We intend to discuss few of the job opportunities one may take up while traveling full time.

Being on the road full-time is not like an extended holiday. You get to manage plenty of concerns including health, finances, steady inflow of freelance work and timely delivery of the same. If your hesitation of choosing a steady career path is all that is holding you back from heading the road, this blog tells you all the work options for a digital nomad.

Work Options For A Digital Nomad


Blogging is the first choice of work options for a digital nomad as well as me, for obvious reasons. I am a travel blogger myself. However that said, I must tell you a successful blog needs at least a couple of years’ hard work, diligence, massive learning and quick implementation, adopting to newer technicalities and be responsive to change.

Meanwhile, you can surely make a living by sharing your experience on different travel sites as a travel writer. A few big brand names name immensely to create an impressive portfolio.


If you have studied law, remote law service with the help of internet is a great way to earn expenses. You may also work as an assistant of an established law yar.

Virtual Assistant

A range of websites these days connect people looking for an extra bit of help to streamline flooding waves of massive work pressure from people ready to assist virtually. VA’s many times take up the work of social media or writing assignments or strive to achieve short term goals for the clients.

English Teacher

The native speakers always gets a better start at this. However, with few international certificates, you are good fit for the job opportunity as an English teacher in various countries of South East Asia, China and Africa.

You may want to work with the NGO’s too. If you are a bilingual person, it is even better for with a chance interact with varied cultures. Personally I always recommend learning a language or two on the go. There are various apps on smartphones that will help the self motivated learners.


If you are left brained and prefer technical stuff more than arty literary endeavors, the road has endless opportunities for you. Given this is he age of information, a software savvy person with deep knowledge of coding is always celebrated.

You may help with website designing, help out the budding e-commerce scene across the globe, create an app that helps people exchange services basis on barter system. The list is really endless.

From my personal experience as a digital nomad, I have penned down the relevant options I found incumbent. Please keep in mind, success of a digital nomad life mainly depends on avoiding rookie mistakes, your integrity, enthusiasm and relationship with the off site client. Also, life on the road may become tiring at times with work related stress. It is all about learning your limits and acknowledging them with contentment.

Working remotely lets you be flexible, live a life more relaxed, balanced and explore newer opportunities. Do not let the stress of job kill you in the process. An investment plan and an insurance must be handy all the while, come what consequences. That said, you also should be prepared with new skills and hone your existing skill set, adopt to the latest technology and in case of an event of haste, be meticulous enough to fix your communicative machine, that is the laptop!

What more? Choose a place with great Wi-Fi, pack your stuff, head out to explore. The world is yours.

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