Being A Digital Nomad – Avoid These Rookie Mistakes

There is a new creed of people emerging with the third wave of technology hitting us hard. It is the digital nomad tribe.

With a home nowhere and everyplace to stay, increasing number of women & men are striving to establish a career basis on acquired skill.

It is a beautiful life, full of exploring the world, facing challenges, innovate and constant learning & evolving.

digital nomad

Here is a list of rookie mistakes many digital nomads tend to commit at the start of their career as a digital nomad.

I try to write a detailed note on the same. Hope the list helps.

1. Spending On Luxury

Live a minimalistic life. Not only it saves you a lot of money, it helps you to travel light, faster and for longer period as well.

Instead of booking the weekend flight, go there at the middle of the week. It will surely save you money.

Ditch the luxury downtown hotel; choose a home stay or a cheaper Airbnb.

Eat local. Make a local friend. The lesser you spend on conveniences, the more doable long term travel is.

Honing the cooking skill and having at least one meal at home is a great idea as well.

2. Thinking That Travel Does Needs No Money

Cannot agree more. You may ask where one will source the incessant need to book tickets and move.

I suggest, make a comfortable cushion of saving and start working on that.

Build on & spend and add to the savings if possible. It is always good have a stock for emergency.

3. Not Taking A Digital Copy Of Documents

Getting robbed is not less likely as a digital nomad.

Often, the miscreants will not leave the vital documents like passport and visa.

A digital copy and signature shall save you multiple future hassles.

4. Not Being Responsible

It might take ages to ace the right attitude for being a traveller.

Explore beauty in everything and respect culture wherever you visit.

Be respectful for the ecology and careful of the sustainability of the area.

Be kind to the animals of the land and promote the same to the world.

5. Not Being Part Of Local Community

It is always a wise idea to mingle with the expat group of the locality.

Not only you will meet likeminded people there, you shall find help in time of dire need too.

Be it the steeps of Himalaya or by the blue waves of Andaman Sea, it is always easy to find an expat community to makes a living in the lap of nature and work remotely.

6. Not Leading A Disciplined Life

So what you have unsubscribed from the routine of 9 to 5 desk job?

You still have to retain your health for more work, a sustained flow of business and overall live a healthy happy life.

I recommend you to follow a health regime that inspires you to exercise, be physically fit, indulge in friendship, keep a hobby outside the freelance work you do and go to bed on time.

The last one is the most important. Remember, you only live once!

With the details furbished here, I intend to equip anyone aspiring to work on their own terms, as a digital nomad to face every circumstance and deal with it with power.

In case you have embarked on the said lifestyle and want to suggest anything for the new bees, please comment below. Your inputs will add value to the overall experience.

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