Being A Digital Nomad In The Wild Of Africa

For being a digital nomad who takes interest in working from remote location and being on the road at the same time, few things matter the most. The internet connectivity (no doubt WiFi is oxygen for us), social and political stability and affordable places to rent & stay. While the South East Asian countries and the interiors of Latin America feature often in the hot list of digital nomads, we often forget to emphasis on Africa. The continent is wild and often torn in some parts with social warfare going on. However, life finds a way in these digital nomad cities in Africa.

The tranquil nature, serene wilderness and vastness and a simpleton living are all in favor of a sprawling digital nomad career. The prerequisites are met and further dealt with unlimited productivity with quality work. All can happen in this wild continent just with a simple listing of the places that are most favorable digital nomad cities in Africa. We have curated a list that stays true to the required social and political scene, safely and lets you emerge in picturesque land of Africa!

digital nomad cities in africa

Taghazout, Morrocco

The city from Morocco remains of the best choices for digital nomads. It is safe, with great WiFi connectivity and amazing co-working places. While you will find the summer tiring and quickly escape to neighbouring Europe. Also note, nightlife in the city is not the best in its category.

Cape Town, South Africa

A sprawling metropolis in the southern tip of the continent, Cape Town gives you great weather, fun vibes, and a great night life to indulge in. Please note, health care in the city may be a bit of challenge. It is a safe city to live in.

Port Louis, Mauritius

If you are an Indian, you do not have to worry about your visa when trying to make a career in this country. The city is jovial with lesser cost of living, scenic beauty, warm weather conditions and safe lifestyle. Lifestyle if restricted in many places. WiFi connectivity is also okay-ish. It is a safe city and walking around is highly enjoyed.

Pretoria, South Africa

As the name suggests, it is a pretty city from South Africa with distinct culture. Cost of living is affordable with great weather condition. The city has multiple co working places. Nightlife is good with plenty of bars in locality. Healthcare is expensive, and it is suggested you sign up with an insurance company.


the old city is a favorite place among travelers and nomads. It is cheap, affordable and sports a fun vibe with safe roads, plenty of places to hand out, socialize and quality co-working places. However, summer is punishing. The city often sees dramatic robbery and thefts.


A lesser known city of Angola, Luanda should be on your radar if you are considering an adventurous lifestyle! Cost could go up for foreigners. The city offers fun vibes and plenty of places to hang out. there are multiple co working place with good WiFi. However crime rate is alarming and we suggest befriend locals if considering this place to be your base.


This city in the country of Tunisia is another rare choice but has plenty of co work place with great internet connectivity. Traffic is safe and locals are friendly with plenty of cheap places to eat around. Rental houses are affordable and easy to find. The highlight is great weather conditions all the year round.

Are you a digital nomad reading this article from the wild of the ancient continent and chuckling? Do you have any practical suggestions to share about the digital nomad cities in Africa with us? Feel free to comment below with your input and we will make changes in out lifestyle basis on your pro-suggestions!

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